Year 2 Day 222 Bay City State Park


As my lower back pulled muscle continues to slowly heal, we bundled up LeuC and, once again, headed down the road.  Our destination this time was the Bay City State Park.  It sits along the shoreline of the Saginaw Bay.  If you are not familiar with Michigan and the 5 great lakes that surround it, Saginaw Bay is a massive bay which is part of Lake Huron on the eastern side of the Lower Peninsula.  The Lower Peninsula of Michigan can be viewed as a left-hand mitten with the space between the thumb and the rest of the hand being Saginaw Bay.

The park is famous for Tobico Marsh, one of the largest coastal wetlands on the Great Lakes.  Our campground is situated next to the marsh and one needs to walk across a boardwalk that transverses part of the marsh to get to the beach and swimming area.  This part of the marsh is a thin sliver that rests between the uplands forest and the sandy beach of Saginaw Bay.  We are looking forward to exploring this area and going to the Visitors’ Center which presents a series of displays and exhibits on the marsh and the wildlife that it provides a habitat for.

The drive to this state park was pretty short, taking only about an hour and a half.  The signage pointing to the campground was not very good and we made a wrong turn that ended at a dead end.  We had to unhook our little Fiat from LeuC in order to turn LeuC around at the end of the road.  From there, Mary Margaret drove the Fiat as our little caravan finally found the campground and we checked in.

Unlike our previous two campgrounds, this one is very nice with spacious campsites, a reasonable distance between each site and lots of trees creating shade and a wonderful ambience that we have been missing.  The photos I have posted below says it all.




Tomorrow, we will be taking a side trip to Frankenmuth which is about 20 miles to the south of us.  We grew up in Michigan hearing a lot about Frankenmuth but never going there.  It is a village which embraces its Bavarian heritage with German architecture, food and beer.  We love German food and beer and are looking forward to having lunch here.


The town is also famous for the worlds’ largest Christmas store.  I read that it is as large as 6 football fields.  While we are not so much into shopping, it may present an opportunity to pick up a few unique tree ornaments for our grandkids.  We shall have to just wait to see…

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