About Us

We are Mary Margaret and Dave Leu.  We are in the process of exploring the many wonderful places and people in North America in our 40 foot Tiffin Allegro Bus.  We are all about going to out of the way places, turning over rocks to discover what is underneath.  We hope to travel down roads that are off the beaten path, staying in places most people have never heard of and meeting people who share our love of life and appreciate what they have and who they are.

We have moved from our lovely sailboat, Leu Cat after spending 10 years sailing around the world, into our bus.  We hope we can experience the same thrills and excitement of adventure on the land as we did on the water.

We are in our mid to late sixties and still have the wanderlust that has been instilled in our souls.  Come join us during our adventures and share your thoughts, views and advice.  Everything you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


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