Year 2 Days 315 to 331 Where Does The Time Go?

OMG!  It has been over two weeks since I posted our last blog.  This is the first time in over 11 years that I have let the blog go for so long.  Sheesh!  I do have a lot of excuses to justify this slippage but they are all just excuses.  We have been very busy during these last two weeks with spending time with Heather and Victoria in San Francisco and Dave, Allison and Molly in San Ramon.  Plus, Thanksgiving somehow crept up on us, along with the disastrous Michigan/Ohio State football game.  Also, I think that I am realizing that in a couple of months we will be ending our adventurous days and returning to the normal lifestyle of living in a home and establishing roots.  At that time, the blogging days will be officially over.


Added to all of the above, is the fact that when we are in our RV while here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we do not have cell or Internet access since our campground is located down in a deep valley.  I have to drive up to the mountain ridge high above our campsite to get Internet.  When I am up on the ridge, I am having to spend my time on the Internet dealing with the closing process affiliated with buying a house.  Plus, we are having to buy furniture so that when we move into the house, we at least have the bare necessities.  Our real estate agent, Kathy, is helping us tremendously on that issue.  She is helping a number of people in Blaine sell their houses and move.  The result is that she comes across furniture which she thinks we may like.  Since we are moving into an “upscale” neighborhood, much of the furniture is very nice.  She takes pictures of the various pieces, gets a price from the seller and emails it to us.  Mary Margaret and I then decide on what pieces we like and then buy those pieces.  Kathy will be moving the furniture we are buying into our new home before we arrive.  How wonderful it that!


Needless to say, by the time I am done with the Internet, perched up high on the mountain ridge, my computer’s battery is dead and there is no time left to post pictures or the blog.  Sigh.


Today, we are at Heather and Victoria’s condo in San Francisco.  I am attempting to squeeze some time in our busy schedule to write this blog and post a few photos while I have unlimited access to electricity and Internet.  It seems to be such a luxury!


One of the big events we recently experienced was Molly taking her first really big steps.  She had been working on taking baby steps but the other night she really got in the groove and walked and walked and walked.  It was a really fun sight to see!  I took some videos of the big event and here is one of them.


I am also posting a number of random pictures that I took during these last two weeks to share with you some of the things we have seen and done.  I hope you enjoy them!


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