Year 2 Days 311 to 314 Welcome Victoria!


As the final days to our RVing adventure rapidly dwindle down, we took a pause to participate in and celebrate a very special event.  For almost two years, our daughter, Heather, has been a foster mother to Victoria.  Victoria came into her home when Victoria was 8 days old, toward the end of December, 2016.  The hope since then was to adopt Victoria and after almost two, very long years, we are so happy to share with you that it is now official!  Whoo Hoo! Heather has a daughter and we have another granddaughter.  Her name is Victoria Annabelle-Marie Leu

During National Adoption Month and on National Adoption day, we gathered at the San Francisco Family Court House to participate in Heather’s adoption of Victoria.  It was a gathering of family, friends, social workers, attorneys and judges.  Prior to the formal court hearing, Family Services held a party and luncheon to celebrate the special occasion, for nine children who were being adopted that day.

Our tribe included our son, David Paul, his wife, Allison, their 1 year-old daughter Molly, 20181109_124131

Heather, Victoria, Grandma and Grandpa, along with a large group of close friends; Bree, Lisa, Mason, Randy, and Kelsey,  who helped support Heather and Victoria during these last couple of years; and Victoria’s lawyer- Trish, and her social worker, Brandi.

After the luncheon, speeches were made, pictures were taken and hugs, kisses, handshakes and pats on the back were shared.  Smiles and happiness was everywhere.


Heather and Victoria were first on the Court’s afternoon docket and soon after wiping the crumbs off our faces, we all bustled into the courtroom and sat in the gallery behind the Bar.  Heather and Victoria were seated in front of the Bar, facing the Judge.  A court reporter was present to transcribe and record this special event.  Victoria’s lawyer, who for almost the last two years had guided Heather and Victoria through this tangled legal process, was seated next to them.


Instead of a tense “Perry Mason” moment, the entire time was filled with love and excitement as a new family was legally created.  Everyone had smiles as a mix of formal legalese and informal comments transpired.  The Judge made her pronouncements, Heather, aided by Victoria, signed papers, the legal reporter captured the moment and soon it was all done.  Well…, the legal process was over but now the human process started.  The legal reporter got up and offered to take pictures and we all moved in front of the Bar and gathered with the Judge.  It was a wonderful and happy moment.


Afterwards, we all gathered at Heather’s favorite restaurant near her condo in San Francisco, called Piccolo Forno.  Champaign was broken out, great Italian pasta dishes were served, and the meal and the day was made complete with lots of laughter and love.

Being a bit selfish, we can now brag that we have 5 grandchildren, yes count them: Isaac, Stella, Wyatt, Molly and Victoria.  Whoo Hoo!  How great is that!




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