Year 3 Days 223 and 224 Frankenmuth


We have been taking it a bit easy these last few days as my lower back muscles recover.  Each day is an improvement and I am hoping that I will be able to get a round of golf this coming Monday.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

While we have been taking it easy, we have not been complete couch potatoes.  Yesterday day we took a drive over to Frankenmuth, a town that that takes pride in its Bavarian heritage.  While many people must like it, because it is a famous little town, it was just a tourist trap to us.  The store fronts are all faux architecture, the stores broadcast their wares as fudge, ice cream and local nick-knacks, and the sidewalks are filled with overweight old fogies, wearing tee shirts and baggies shorts, gawking at the merchandise on display in the windows.  Yech!

Sooooo, here we were, two overweight old fogies, wearing baggie shorts and tee shirts and what do we do… we go to Bronner’s.  Bronner’s is the largest Christmas store in the US.  It covers the area of 6 football fields and is stuffed with every kind of Christmas ornaments and do-dads one could ever imagine.  Even though it is August and Christmas is over 4 months away, the store was doing a very good business.Brooner's

It was a little bizarre shopping for Christmas ornaments in August but what we discovered was whatever you could ever dream up for an ornament, they had.  Plus, included in the price of the ornament was their service to personalize it.  Thus, after 90 or so minutes, we left armed with all kinds of beautiful Christmas ornaments that we had personalized for our kids and grandkids. It was pretty neat!

We then drove over to the Bavarian Inn for a late lunch/early dinner.  We had hopes of an authentic Bavarian meal.  Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed as the traditional Bavarian food we ordered was pretty bad.  Sigh.  However, after our meal, we did stumble into its bakery on our way out and there spied some wonderful strudels that we just had to get.  Under Mary Margaret’s good eye, we selected a large apple, a large cherry and a large blueberry strudel to go.  We complimented the strudels with a chocolate/peanut butter brownie and a chocolate éclair.  As it turned out, Mary Margaret selected well as each item was a taste-treat that more than made up for the poor food in the restaurant.

On our way back to our campsite we stopped at a roadside stand that was selling fresh, farm-grown vegetables and fruits from the farm that was behind it.  We loaded up with what turned out to be the sweetest corn on the cob we have ever tasted, a huge, tasty cantaloupe, and a few other bags filled with assorted fresh veggies.  Yum!





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