Year 2 Days 126 And 127 Charleston, SC


Yesterday we bundled up LeuC and said goodbye to Savannah Georgia.  We were leaving one idyllic town and heading off toward another one.  Like Savannah, Charleston is another southern port town that has lots of historic buildings and southern beauty.  It, too, is a small city with a population under 150,000.  Before we started researching these two towns, we did not realize they both were so small.


It was just a three-hour drive with half of it on the I-95 freeway, which runs from Boston all the way down to Florida.  The other half of the drive was on state route 17, a wide 4-lane road, so it was a very easy drive.  Well, it was easy right until we arrived on James Island, where our county park is located.  Once we turned off route 17, we were on a series of narrow county roads that were covered with a canopy of tree limbs.  This made the drive very scenic but a bit hairy.  With LeuC standing about 13.5 feet tall, with heat pumps and a satellite antenna dome sitting on top, we just barely cleared most of the limbs.  The key word in the last sentence is “most”.  A number of times we could hear the branches thumping against the dome as we squeezed under the low hanging limbs.  Ugh!  Much to the dismay of the line of cars that accumulated behind us, we went slower than the 35 MPH speed limit allowed to avoid damaging anything on top of LeuC that may have brushed against the branches and limbs.


Our campground is what I would call a “mega-park”.  The park has a lovely campground but also has a pond for canoeing and kayaking, a water park complex, separate areas for a large climbing wall, a challenge course for team building, an 18-hole disc golf course and tidal creeks where you can fish and crab, along with many trails for hiking and many large open grassy areas.  Yep, it certainly is a “mega-park”.  What makes this park especially appealing to us is that is literally right across the river from downtown Charleston.  We are just 7 miles away.20180507_094459

Today, was a Costco day.  This is the first time in the last couple of months that we have a Costco nearby so we decided to delay our exploration of Charleston a day to allow for a Costco run.  We love Costco for its huge selection of all kinds of goodies and for the quality meats, fruits and veggies they have. $650 later, we returned to LeuC and spent the rest of the day putting the goodies away and then relaxing.


Tomorrow, we will get our first taste of Charleston and are looking forward to it.



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