Year 2 Day 125 Plotting Our Course


We are in the middle of making our way up to the Washington DC area to visit Mary Margaret’s sisters and two of her nieces.  However, once we leave there in early June, we need to make up our minds as to where to go next.  Originally, we were planning on traveling through the New England states with a desire on my part to go to Boston to see the USS Constitution and a desire on Mary Margaret’s part to visit Bar harbor, Maine and the Acadia National Park.  From there, we had hoped to enter Canada and visit a couple of friends we met while sailing around the world.


However, we discovered that such a trip at this time of year just is not in the cards.  This is due to two reasons.  First, finding campgrounds in New England during the summer months is extremely difficult.  We discovered that most campgrounds are fully reserved already.  Apparently, one has to start the reservation process well in advance since the area is so popular and the number of campgrounds that could accept LeuC are limited.


The second reason is that we were having difficulty finding a place to leave LeuC for a couple of weeks at the end of June and early July when we are planning to fly back to Northern California to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding.  My brother, Dwight, died a few years back and his wife, Cass, is remarrying in late June.  We love her dearly and wish to attend her wedding.  Plus, it gives us an excuse to see our two kids who live in the San Francisco Bay area along with their families.


Therefore, we have had to abandoned our dream about New England and, instead, will start our trip to head back to the West Coast with the goal of arriving in San Francisco around Thanksgiving.  Along the way we will be spending some time in Michigan as I wish to attend my high school’s 50th year reunion, which will be in mid-August.


With this decision made, we have plotted our course for the first phase of this westerly trip.  It will take us from the Washington DC area to just outside of Columbus, Ohio, where we will park LeuC as we attend Cass’s wedding.  Along the way we will be exploring Gettysburg, PA.  It has been over 35 years since we took our three kids there when we lived in Delaware.


Here is the map which plots our course for the first phase of our westerly adventure.

Penn, WV Ohio Trip.JPG

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