Year 2 Days 89 to 91 Happy Easter

Before I forget, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  Also, Happy April Fools Day.  It is not very often that these two days fall together.  I hope nobody was received a rotten Easter egg….


We have spent the last 6 business days inside Bay #35 here at the Tiffin facility, working our way through the long list of items we wanted to have worked on.  We are now getting down to the last of the items that Greg and his assistant, Jeremey can work on.  Once they are done, we will have to wait until the Mechanical Bay has room for us, and then wait some more until the Window Bay has room for us and then wait some more until the Paint Bay has room for us.


We wish to have the 6-month engine service done on LeuC while we are here and this will be done in the Mechanical Bay.  When we bought LeuC we noticed that there was a chip and small spider cracks in the windshield that was caused by a flying rock when they drove the bus from the Tiffin factory to the dealership in Mesa, Arizona.  Before we signed the papers, we made sure that the dealer would replace the windshield on his nickel, which he agreed to do.  After waiting a few weeks for the massive windshield to arrive, we had it installed but soon noticed that it had a couple of minor air leaks once we hit speeds over 60 MPH.  We opted to waited to have it fixed until we arrived here at the Tiffin facility since they have a specialized Window Bay and have all of the specialized equipment necessary to handle such massive windshields.


Monday, Greg and Jeromy will install three of our side compartment doors and a side panel.  There was a minor scratch across them and it was decided that it would be cheaper to replace them instead of trying to remove the scratch.   I was very pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the replacement parts were.  That is one of the advantages of being at the factory where they are made.  Once the 3 doors and side panel are on, we will have to have them painted, which is why we will need to visit the Paint Bay.


To celebrate Easter, we participated in a wonderful potluck this afternoon.  Originally it was to be for 40 people but when word got out that we were having a potluck, it grew and grew and we ended up having over 100 people attend.  With a potluck, the more the merrier, as everyone brings a special dish so we ended up having all kinds of great food.  It was all very good and there were tons of it left over.  Mary Margaret made up two dozen devils eggs and a delicious strawberry angel food cake.20180401_17043920180401_170452


Along with enjoying the great food, we met a number of very nice people who shared lots of “Old timer” RVer tips and suggestions.  One of the suggestions was that we should join the Family Motor Coach Association or FMCA.  For $65/year, you can become a member and get all of their benefits.  The one benefit that Mary Margaret likes the most is that if anything ever happens to either one of us, they will fly you and your spouse home and then drive your RV to you home, all for free.  That is very attractive since if something should happen to either one of us, the other would prefer to be with the one who is ill and not worry about what to do with LeuC while we are gone.


One final note, I would like to mention that our alma mater, the University of Michigan, had its basketball team win its NCAA Final Four game against Loyola of Chicago in a very exciting game.  We play Villanova Monday night in the Championship game.  Villanova has been ranked as one of the top teams in college basketball all season and we are not given much of a chance in beating them.  However, who knows.  We were not given much of a chance to do this well so we will just have to wait to see what happens.  In the meantime, … Go Blue!!!!!

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