Year 2 Day 92 and 93 Almost Done

Yesterday and today we made great progress toward completing our stay here at the Tiffin facility.  We were concerned that we would have to wait many days before being moved from one type of work bay to another.  The concern was based on the number of other people and their motor homes waiting to get their work done and some of the horror stories we have heard.  We have met a number of people who have been here many weeks as they wait for spare parts to arrive.  Plus, we are just one of over 100 RVs that are here to get work done.  Thus, the waiting line to get into a specific work bay can be very long.


Fortunately, we have not experienced any significant delays in moving from work bay to work bay.  We started in work bay 35, where Greg and Jeremy addressed the majority of issues we had identified.  We were there for 6 weekdays as they addressed all but a few issues.


Yesterday, we were called into work bay 41 where the Scott, a Tiffin mechanic, addressed the service issues we had.  These included leveling the suspension system, adding a bit more antifreeze to our radiator and fixing our electronic motor oil level meter which had stopped working.  These minor issues were all taken care of in just 1.5 hours.


This morning, we were called into work bay 44B where our windshield was inspected and resealed to address wind noises that we were hearing at speeds over 60 MPH.  When we bought LeuC, we had noticed that there was a small spider crack in the windshield that had been caused by a rock when they transported LeuC from the Tiffin factory to the dealership in Mesa, Arizona.  The dealer did replace the windshield but it was not sealed properly, resulting in some wind noises that we could hear when driving above 60 MPH.  The work to fix this issue took most of today but only because Dave, the supervisor of this work bay, wanted to have the sealant properly set and dried before releasing us back to our campsite site.


With all of this work now behind us, we are waiting to be called into the last work bay before we are done with all of the work we requested.  This last work bay is the paint and body shop work bay.  We have been told that we should be called in this Thursday.  Once there, we will have the new compartment doors painted, the front cowling adjusted and a cracked panel near the front door step repaired.  We understand that any paint work takes two days so that the paint is properly cured before we will be released.20180404_085427


Thus, there is the possibility that we will be done by this Friday afternoon, just two weeks to the day that we arrived.  Whoo Hoo!  If this happens, we may be leaving on Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning, depending on when the paperwork is all completed.

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