Year 2 Days 84 to 88 The Dust Is Flying

This week has been a work, work and more work week as early each morning we bundle LeuC and drive her from our “campsite” here at the Tiffin facility into Bay #35. Greg and Jeremy are assigned to that bay and they are dedicated to working on each bus that comes into their bay until all of the punch list items they can work on are taken care of. Our punch list ran to a whopping 46 items. Most of the items were trivial as you can see from below, but a few were significant.

Each day, from 7 AM to 3 PM, Greg and Jeremy roll up their sleeves and work on our items. It looks like tomorrow they will finish with all of the things they can work on. At that time, we will be moved into either the Mechanic’s Bay, the Window’s Bay, or the Flooring Bay or, at least, be placed on the waiting list to get into those respective bays.

During the five days that we have been in Bay 35 we have come to really like Greg and Jeremy and they have provided us so much insight and knowledge regarding making repairs or adjustments to LeuC. They have also shared some little-known secrets on how to operate her better. For instance, they showed us how we can project our navigation map up to the 42-inch flat screen TV that is at the front of the bus. Thus, we can see the navigation map and the routes we take so much easier as we are driving down the road. Whoo Hoo!

As we have gotten to know them, they have adopted us into their family and shared with us stories of their past and present. They have also shared with us where to go for the best food, shopping and so on. They have also told us some really great jokes and funny stories. It has been great getting to know them as they make all of the requested changes to our home on wheels.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here is the list of items that we have requested be addressed while we are here at the Tiffin facility:

Items That Greg and Jeremy Can Work On In Bay 35:

1. Ceiling lights keep burning out or start rapidly flashing. So far about 45 lights have been replaced during three different times. Many of the same light fixtures have had their lights replaced. Also, I have noticed that the passenger side ceiling light will flicker when the microwave is operating. Currently, another 11 lights have failed. We need to get to the source of the problem instead of just replacing lights,
2. Kitchen lower left drawer slide will not close,
3. Passenger side diesel cap will not close,
4. We cannot both sit at the dining table as the seats are too close. We would like to move the forward seat back about 6 or so inches. If that is not possible, then we would like to remove the forward seat. Can we also re-center the table or replace it with a wider model?
5. Rear bathroom closet door wire stop is broken,
6. Replace wall hanging near refrigerator,
7. Shower towel rack is loose,
8. Shower hand wand holder bar is loose,
9. I cannot get the generator auto start to work when voltage drops below set point,
10. 0.4 V difference between front and rear voltage meters. Can they be calibrated or adjusted? The forward meter, which is closest to the house batteries has the greatest voltage drop,
11. Left rear wheel sound panel in wheel well came loose,
12. Light under kitchen sink is missing,
13. Front passenger swivel chair left arm rest is skewed,
14. Powder room toilet keeps flushing and will not stop,
15. No rear floor heat setting on panel,
16. Speedometer compass has stopped working,
17. Ceiling Light fixture near dining table is hanging,
18. Wooden screw plug over refrigerator is missing,
19. Floor heater does not work on diesel mode,
20. Floor molding by bedroom door has come off.
21. Washing Machine leg needs adjusting.
22. A docking light is loose and one is filled with water.
23. Driver side flat mirror jiggles.
24. Inspect wiring under passenger chair
25. Bed slide squeals excessively.
26. Cooler storage panel does not unlock when the remote is used.
27. Rear lights are out.
28. Repair leather on recliner and passenger chairs
29. Headlight accents lights are not working.
30. I am find black soot on hydraulic and fresh water pumps.
31. Install rear roof ladder,
32. Fire Extinguisher Recall,
33. Check hydraulic fluid level,
34. Inspect under carriage for loose nuts and bolts
35. Educate us on how to use the surround sound,
36. Go over each and every breaker with us.
37. Go over list of 6-month service needs.
38. Show us where the black and grey water tank sensors are located.
Mechanic’s Bay Work:
39. Four right side compartment panels need repair or replacing.
40. Panel near door folding steps has cracked, it needs repair,
41. Front cowling need adjusting,
42. Adjust air suspension system at left rear of bus about 1 inch,
43. Oil level meter is not working on driver side panel
44. Check engine antifreeze level and freshness.
Window Bay Work:
45. Get rid of whistle noise at both sides of windshield that occurs at various times and during various conditions when driving,
Flooring Bay Work:
46. Replace porcelain floor tile near refrigerator.


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