Year 2 Day 79 An Afternoon Treat

I wrote this post earlier this week and thought it had posted.  However, apparently the Interest connection was not good and it did not successfully post.  Thus, I am posting it now.

——————————————————————————————————————————Around noon today I glanced through the RV’s massive windshield and saw a familiar face smiling at us as he approached.  It was Jim, our son-in-law’s father.  He, his wife, Peggy, and their youngest son, Mark, had just arrived at our campground to visit us.  Last week they had driven from Tucson, Arizona to Atlanta to attend the shower of their other son’s wife’s (Katie) baby shower.  They were now heading back home to Tucson and were in our neighborhood here in Mississippi.  What a treat!


Jim is a former Air Force officer which allows him to use housing at various military bases when they travel.  As it turns out, there is an Air Force base in Columbus, Mississippi, just about 15 miles away from us, where they are spending a couple of nights.  They have rented a three-room house which is awesome.


We always enjoy getting together with Peggy and Jim and this afternoon was no exception.  Mary Margaret had prepared a wonderful lunch for their arrival.  She had baked a huge chicken pot pie and thrown together a tasty salad.  Everything was so good that seconds were offered and readily accepted.


We spent the afternoon catching up on things since the last time we saw each other was over the Thanksgiving holiday time period.  We discovered that Jim and Peggy are seriously kicking around the idea of buying an RV and doing some traveling on their own.  They would keep their house and use it as a base while taking some nice, extended travels in the RV.  It would be great if that happens and if it does, with a little planning, we might be able to do some adventures together.  That would be fun!


We also enjoyed sharing our views and insights on the terrible political mess that the US is in and we all are still trying to figure out what it will take for Congress to start acting in a responsible manner, putting the country’s best interests in front of their own personal best interests.  Not much optimism amongst the four of us on that subject…


Before we knew it, the afternoon was getting late and Peggy, Jim and Mark had to leave.  They will be getting up early tomorrow morning and continuing their long drive back to Tucson.  It was rather remarkable and fortuitous that we could get together in Mississippi for the afternoon.  While their visit was short, it was sweet and we are so thankful that they could stop by.





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