Year 2 Day 27 Pecos, Texas And Oil, Oil Everywhere

We returned to our journey “goin’ down the road” today as we said goodbye to the Carlsbad, NM area and drove to Pecos, Texas. It was just 128 miles but was filled with countless oil wells and construction of oil well support facilities. We were surprised and impressed with all of the oil-based activities going on. This included a few drilling operations; lots of active oil wells – some with large gas flares shooting flames high up in the air; scores of small crude oil storage tanks scattered around the oil patch collecting crude oil, and a large number of crude oil transfer facilities located along US 285; and all of this way out in the middle of nowhere. The oil transfer facilities consisted of a large crude oil storage tank; huge supporting pumps; large, thick concrete surfaces to support the oil tanker trucks that drove into and out of the facilities; and overhead pipes where large tanker trucks would pull under and then the oil would gush into the tanker trucks until they were filled to the very top. Some facilities were servicing 4 to 6 trucks at a time with trucks coming in and going out.

Along with all of this, we passed a few oil field “cities” where scores upon scores of trailers, RVs and other types of temporary housing had popped up to support the oil field workers. It all was very impressive.

After 2.5 hours of driving, we reached the outskirts of Pecos, Texas and pulled off the road into a very large picnic area where we will be spending the night. At each end of the large grassy area were three large concrete picnic tables, an overhead sun shield protecting each table and a large BBQ grill. We are the only ones here spending the night, although during the afternoon a few pickup trucks and cars drove in to rest and grab a bite to eat before continuing on their journey.

Tomorrow, we continue “goin’ down the road” for about 200 miles and plan on using another stopping place that is a bit unusual. We have noted that there is a nice, large pull off space just off the frontage road along I-10, about 10 miles before you come to the little town of Sonora, Texas. Hopefully, it will be as nice as Google Earth shows it to be…10 Miles West Of Sonora, TX

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