Year 2 Day 28 Entering Texas Hill Country

Today, as we continued our leisurely journey to Kerrville, Texas, we entered the outskirts of what is known as Texas Hill Country. The Texas Hill Country is a special area of Texas located on the Edwards Plateau at the crossroads of West Texas, Central Texas, and South Texas. Given its location, climate, terrain, and vegetation, the Hill Country could be considered the end of the American Southwest.  Kerrville, where we will be staying for 12 days, is in the heart of Hill Country, located along the Guadalupe River.

We have always wanted to explore this beautiful area and chose Kerrville for three primary reasons. First, it is centered in the Hill Country; second, it is an easy drive to both Austin and San Antonio (two places we are anxious to explore); and third, it has a wonderful city park with full service hook ups and a beautiful river that flows by. We arrive there tomorrow and we are excited about that!

Our drive was uneventful if you consider being passed by 50-foot-long and 12-foot-wide oversized trucks going 80 MPH. Yikes! In Texas, the speed limit on back roads is 75 MPH and on freeways it is 80 MPH.  One truck, which totally filled the speed lane from shoulder to centerline, passed us as we were going 65 MPH on the I-10 freeway. To pass us, he had to pull way over onto the shoulder, throwing tons of dust and rocks up at us. I had watched him come up behind us and pull over to pass us.  I was shocked at how wide he was and moved LeuC over to our shoulder. Once he passed us we were being rained on by gravel he had thrown into the air so I quickly slowed down to avoid a rock hitting and cracking our very big and very expensive windshield.  Thankfully, we were spared.

After three or so hours of driving we pulled off the freeway and found our flat open area that is between the frontage road and I-10, about 10 miles west of Sonora. I will post photos so you can see how nice this area is, especially since we have this huge area all to ourselves.

Along the way and as we entered the edge of Hill Country, Mary Margaret took lots of photos so I will let her photos describe what we saw.



One thought on “Year 2 Day 28 Entering Texas Hill Country”

  1. I could never do the driving you two are doing! Bravo! We saw an Allegro on the way to the boat Showa couple days ago. It was gold, but otherwise looked just like yours.


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