Year 2 Day 24 – 26 Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Wow!  That is the best word to describe what we saw today deep, down in the dark, dark, Carlsbad Caverns.  The caverns are massive, with caves and caverns that are still not fully explored or discovered, since they have so far explored over 110 miles of them.  Wow!b102b5b1-b9b8-4709-a8c0-ca685a09761f-banner

We explored the Big Cavern which was massive and filled with more remarkable pillars, stalactites, stalagmites, flows, and straws then we have ever seen before.  It was just too much to take in with one visit.  We spent about three hours down in the caverns and had a hard time absorbing it all.

The Big Cavern is so big that it could contain 14 football fields in it and still have room left over.  In one area, it is over 340 high and is yet over 700 feet before the surface.  Wow!


We saw so much that instead of writing about it, I am posting lots of photos to show you what we saw.  I will let the photos do the talking.

The photos will be posted in collages but if you click on a photo within the collage, it will pop up as a full-size photo which you can better inspect.

Tomorrow we leave our campground here in Brantley Lake State Park and continue goin’ down the road as we slowly make our way east.  We will be spending the night at a picnic area within Pecos, Texas.

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