Year 2 Days 15 and 16 The Party Is Over

Yesterday morning the kids packed up their trailer and pickup truck, hugs and smooches with the grandkids and kids were had, and Mary Margaret and I waved goodbye as the Boyless troop drove away.  We do not anticipate seeing them again until Christmas when we return to Tucson for the end of year holidays.  We had such a wonderful time and are so glad that Christina and Michael took time off from work to extend the weekend to 4 days.  Whoo Hoo!

When the dust cleared from their departure, Mary Margaret and I were faced with…. Quiet!  The decibel level was noticeably lower.  It is remarkable how active and noisy three normal kids, 5 and under, can be.   This is all part of the deal in raising three curious and smart kids when they are so young.  Christina and Michael shared with us that they think they are about 2 years away from being able to go camping for longer periods of time and maintain their sanity.

These last two days Mary Margaret and I have just relaxed and rested, with a nice, long walk mixed in.  Tomorrow, I will spend some time refining our travel plans.  This next phase of our journey is rather loose.  We know we wish to go up to Carlsbad, New Mexico, where the famous Carlsbad Caverns are located but exactly how we get there is still up in the air.  Once this is resolved, I will share what we decided with you.

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