Year 2 Days 17 and 18  An Alternative Format

I am playing around with the concept of modifying the format of this blog and I would like your feedback.  Up until now, I have mostly been doing a daily blog, with some exceptions when the blog would cover two or so days.  This has worked pretty well since, up until now, we have been doing a lot of things, seeing a lot of people and traveling a lot.  Since we are planning to take a more leisurely pace in the future, I am thinking that I would write one or two blogs describing each significant place we visit, instead of a daily blog.  My thinking is that this would provide a more enjoyable blog, with the high and low lights of each visit discussed.  Anyway, I am putting this out to you in hopes of getting some direction from you as to how I should proceed.  Please take a minute and share your thoughts with me. Thanks.

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