Year 2 Day 14 Tombstone

This morning we all piled into our respective vehicles and headed down the road to Tombstone.  The grandkids were all excited about seeing cowboys.  I had visited Tombstone this last October and thought that the little ones would enjoy the experience.

After getting oriented at the Tombstone Visitors Center we walked the wide streets over to the OK corral, which was the location of the famous gunfight between the Clanton-McLaury gang and the Earps and Doc Holiday back in 1881.  We explored the museum and the outside displays.  The grandkids were able to sit in buggies, splash their hands in gold mining sluice, see actors dressed up as the “bad” guys and lawmen.    We opted not to watch the reenactment of the gunfight as I had watched it last October and was very disappointed with it. IMG_2674IMG_2713IMG_2668IMG_2641

Instead, we walked to the western end of the town, to where another gun fight reenactment would be held.  There was a mini-arcade with a shooting gallery that Isaac and Stella with a little help from Christina, really enjoyed.  We then watched the gunfight and afterwards, Stella went up to meet the actors and was scooped up into their arms with a big smile on her face.  Isaac, to my surprise, was a bit intimidated and hid behind Christina, too shy to get involved.IMG_2732

After a big lunch, topped off with a visit to an ice cream shop, where the kids seemed to get more ice cream around their mouths then in them, we returned to our campground.  Once there, well deserved naps and rest time was had by all.

After dinner, we once again retired to the fire ring and with a nice fire blazing away, marshmallows were roasted and enjoyed.  This was going to be our last nightly fire together as Christina, Michael and grandkids will be returning home tomorrow.  This three-day weekend has gone just too fast and it has been wonderful to share our RVing experience with the kids and grandkids.IMG_2772

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