Year 1 Day 83 Xmas Shopping

Neither Mary Margaret nor I like going shopping. When possible, we postpone this necessity as long as we can. However, with our stay in Tucson quickly winding down, we agreed that today would be the day that we would bite the bullet and do the deed.

We are fortunate boondocking on Richard’s property here in north Tucson as we are just a mile from a very large and nice factory outlet shopping center. Thus, this afternoon we jumped into our little Fiat and drove over to the shopping center.

We only needed to spend a couple of hours there as everything was so convenient and the sales people were so helpful. We returned to LeuC with our arms full of presents and now moved onto the next task we hate so much…wrapping the presents. Actually, Mary Margaret is carrying the burden of this chore as I have wimped out.
Not to be a total wimp, I did step up to the bar and made labels that Mary Margaret wanted so she could label some presents that she made.

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