Year 1 Day 84 3-13 Day

We did just a bit more Christmas shopping this morning and then drove over to Peggy and Jim’s house to play cards.  Peggy and Jim are our daughter’s husband’s parents and we love them dearly.  Each time we come to the Tucson area, we try to get together to play cards and chat.

They enjoy making their own flour and baking their own breads and cookies.  For Thanksgiving, they made a special non-gluten bread that was delicious.  Today, Jim made wonderful chocolate cookies that were the best that I have had in a long, long time.

After catching up on things that have happened since we last time we got together for cards, we had a great lunch that Peggy had whipped up. With tummies full and cookie crumbs wiped from my mouth, we sat down to some serious card playing.  We love playing 3-13, a game which is very dynamic and leads can change with the dealing of a great hand.

Anyone one of us can win but today the card gods looked favorably on Mary Margaret and I.  Poor Peggy came very close to winning in each of the two games we played but fell just a bit short each time.

At 1630 it was time to go and drive over to Christina and Michael’s house for dinner.  We said our sad goodbyes to Peggy and Jim since we would not have a chance to see them again before we return to the San Francisco Bay Area, leaving this coming Sunday.

We enjoyed our evening with Christina and Michael and our three grandkids.  Christina served up a delicious dinner of meatloaf, rice and cauliflower dusted with breadcrumbs.  We also enjoyed playing with the grandkids.

The only blemished of the evening was when I discovered that the 8, yes, count them…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8… chocolate chip cookies that Jim had sent with us to share with Christina, Michael and the grandkids, had been devoured by Michael.  Now, to be fair to Michael, he had asked Christina if she wanted any of them and she said no.  And each of the three kids had said that they did not want any, so he had done everything right.  But, when I went searching for the cookies, to grab and enjoy one more of those golden morsels of yumminess, I found Michael with his mouth full of cookies and only crumbs left!

Actually, it was rather funny and I really can not blame Michael because these cookies were so good that one just can not stop eating them.  Nevertheless, I told Michael that he was not longer my favorite son-in-law.  Wait, oh, never mind.  He is my only son-in-law…

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