Year 1 Day 82 Restful Day

After such an eventful day yesterday, including being “mauled” twice at the zoo, Mary Margaret and I decided to take a day off and rest up. We worked on polishing up our imitations of being slugs during the morning and well into the afternoon. Satisfied with our progress on this matter, we rolled out of the RV around 1500, hopped into our little Fiat, and putt-putted down the road over to Christina’s and Michael’s house.

We then spent the remaining afternoon playing basketball with the grandkids, as Isaac and even little Wyatt beating poor ol’ Grandpa. Wyatt is so cute as an 18-month-old. He picks up the ball, walks over to the basketball hoop, which is positioned about two feet off of the ground, and slam-dunks the ball through the hoop…Score! Seldom does he miss a shot. Poor ol’ Grandpa only hits about 60% of his shots from 10 or 15 feet away. Meanwhile, Isaac was running around, waltzing in and out and through the sieve of a defense that Grandpa was putting up and then he scored at will. Watch out NBA, here they come!

Soon Stella finished playing by herself as a princess and joined with Michael to play baseball. She would smack the baseball a mile with a hearty swing. Homerun! Since there were no bases to run to, she would just run all around the backyard with a big smile on her face. With Grandpa now in retirement, Isaac joined in the baseball game as he, too, belted the ball a mile.

While all of this excitement was going on, Mary Margaret and Christina were discussing Christmas gifts options and mapped out their strategies for the upcoming holiday. We will have to go Christmas shopping next week while we are here in Tucson to get this list of goodies taken care of.

After a dinner of BBQ ribs, ravioli stuffed with chicken, and a wonderful crunchy salad, it was time to go back outside to look at the Christmas lights that Christina has put out. Along with the bushes and archway leading to their front door being covered with glittering lights, she had added a rotating laser light show that danced little dots of colored light across the front of the house. It was pretty neat!

By now it was getting close to bedtime so after kisses and hugs we hopped back into our little Fiat and putt-putted back to LeuC. Tomorrow, the traditional post-Thanksgiving diet starts up so the time of endless goodies and ice cream is sadly over… at least until Christmas!

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