Year 1 Day 77 A Warmup

The big turkey day feast is just around the corner. Yum! It is our favorite meal of the year. A juicy turkey, sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes swimming in gravy, sweet potatoes, a killer salad, more sausage stuffing, more juicy turkey, then…pecan pie, pumpkin pie; each with a little whipped cream or ice cream sitting on top. My mouth is watering just writing about it!

Today was a little warm up for us. Instead of baking a turkey, we decided to rotisserie a huge chicken, basting it with a special salt, vinegar, egg and oil baste that Mary Margaret has made for over 45 years.

When we arrived at Christina’s house, I immediately went to work rounding up the rotisserie skewer and motor, readied the chicken and fired up the BBQ. Soon the bird was turning on the rotisserie with the flames licking up, tickling the bird.

After a few minutes, it was time to put in the drip pan, filled with water so the bird would not be torched by the flames and burnt to a crisp. Once the bird was turning a nice golden color, I started basting, basting and basting some more. It took about 1 ½ hours but with a few glasses of wine, the time flew by.
While I was doing this, Mary Margaret, Christina and Wyatt were playing on the backyard’s lawn and then moved inside to prepare the rest of the dinner. This included white rice and baked cauliflower, dusted with bread crumbs.
By the time the bird was done, Michael had arrived, armed with the Isaac and Stella. Each were readying and anxious to enjoy a good meal.
A good meal it was as by the time we were done, there was nothing but bread crumbs and a few scrimpy pieces of meat left. I think we are now fully warmed up and ready to go for the true fowl test that will start in just a couple days. Can’t wait!

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