Year 1 Day 78 The BIG 4-0

If we are lucky, we all reach this milestone one day in our lives. Today was Michael’s turn. Since Michael’s main 40th birthday present will not be experienced until February (when he is whisked away to the frost snow tops of Tahoe for an adults-only week, filled with shenanigans), he decided he wanted to celebrate tonight with family, sports, beer, and buffalo wings. We all drove over to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy dinner and watch the U of Arizona basketball game. Christina and Michael, as graduates of that University, are big fans. As co-owners of that University (at least that is the way Mary Margaret and I feel since we paid for both Christina and David Paul to attend there), we too are big fans.

Alas, it was not to be. While Arizona was playing another big name in college basketball (UNC) in a preseason tournament (Battle 4 Atlantis), the game was not being televised. Go figure! Instead, we watched our alma mater, U of Michigan, beat VCU in the Maui Classic. Michael did attend his first year of university at U of M, so he also loves U of M.

We had a rip-roaring party, shared by Michael’s immediate family, his parents, his younger brother and us. We decided after dinner to save the birthday cake that his mom, Peggy, made until we returned to Michael’s and Christina’s house because we were just too full from the various goodies we had wolfed down.

Once home, the balloons broke out, a BIG candle was put on Michael’s cake and a husky rendition of “Happy Birthday To You” was presented to the birthday boy. Paired with presents and hot coffee, a good time was had by all!

As the grandkids were getting ready for bed, Michael’s parents and brother said their goodbyes. Mary Margaret and I are spending the next couple of nights at Michael’s and Christina’s house so we waited around until the little ones had visions of dancing fairies under their closed eyes. Then we settled down to some serious cards. Everyone won a game of cards except yours truly. In fact, my luck/skill was so bad tonight that for the first time in 55 years of playing Washington Pitch (also known as High, Low, Jack, Joker, Game), I never scored a point and was skunked, ending up with a big, fat zero. Oh well, it is only a game and I had a chance to show off how good of a looser I am….NOT!

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