Year 1 Day 76 A Non-Diet Day


This morning we woke up, got dressed and did not have breakfast or our usually morning coffee.  We do this routine once a year, each year.  Today was our day for our annual physicals and with our physicals, we have our blood drawn to be tested.  This means we have to fast with not eating or drinking until the blood is drawn.  I hate days without my morning coffee!  Needless to say, I was not my normal chipper self.

By late morning we had been weighed in, our physicals completed, the blood was drawn and we were back in our car.  To celebrate the completion of our physicals, I was looking forward to plunging into a big bowl of ice cream covered with chocolate sauce and cashews.  Yum!  Mary Margaret, however, was much more practical and suggested that we first have lunch and remembered that Beyond Bread, our favorite deli in Tucson, was just a few blocks away.  Who could resist such a wonderful idea?

An hour later I was wiping the bread crumbs and thousand island dressing from my huge Rubin sandwich from my mouth, temporarily hiding the large smile that had crept over my face.  Yep, Mary Margaret certainly comes up with a great idea every now and again!

After lunch, we spent the next couple of hours doing errands which included buying my container of Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream and a large squeeze bottle of Hersey’s chocolate sauce.  We already had a large container of cashews back in the RV.  Pig heaven was just around the corner.

Once we returned to LeuC, I whipped out a bowl and filled it up with the delicious naughtiness that I have been dreaming about for weeks.  Like a little kid, I plunged in and enjoyed every last morsel of goodness.  Yum, yum!

I guess one could say that day was a training day for the big Thanksgiving Day feast that is just around the corner!

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