Year 1 Day 58 It’s A Challenge

I usually enjoy writing the blog each morning because it is an opportunity to capture the neat things we do.  As Mary Margaret tells me, it’s a wonderful diary and a platform to remember what we have done, who we have seen, and where we have been.  She has a point, so I agreed to carry on this effort when we moved from our sailboat, Leu Cat, to our RV, LeuC.

However, when we do our “slug” imitation and just spend the day gorking the day away, it becomes a real challenge in writing something interesting or entertaining.  As an aside, I just looked up the word gork.  I used it perfectly as its slang definition is: “a terminal patient whose brain is nonfunctional and the rest of whose body can be kept functioning only by the extensive use of mechanical devices and nutrient solutions.”  Yep, that is me today!


In search of something meaningful to do today, I spent the bulk of the day puttering with my computer in an attempt to improve its communication with our wireless printer.  Not very exciting but by this evening, after hours and hours of fruitless effort, I was successful!  Yea!

So much for the exciting life of the Leu’s’…

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