Year 1 Day 57 Planning, Planning and More Planning

We continued our “slug” imitation today by resting and playing cards.  It was a nice respite and we really enjoyed having the time off from the very busy schedule we have had for the last 7 weeks.  However, being the one with the “itchy” butt, by this evening I was cranking away on the ol’ computer doing research on our next two trips.

The first one is just in 10 days and it is going from San Juan Capistrano, CA to Carmichael, CA.  We are going there so we can park LeuC at our dear friends’ house (Carolyn and Joyce) while we attend the baptism of our new granddaughter, Molly, down in the Bay Area.  Carolyn and Joyce’s house is on a huge lot and they have plenty of room to house our 40 foot bus.

Normally, if we were driving just a car, we would make this trip in just one day. One can do it in about 7 or so hours.  However, that is just too long for us driving LeuC, especially since we do not drive her at a speed greater than 65 mph.  That speed restriction is due to a couple of factors.  First, our little Fiat’s manual recommends towing it at or under that speed, and secondly, LeuC really starts to guzzle the diesel above that speed.  Thus, even if we were to make this trip in just one day, it would take us over 9 hours in LeuC.  That is just too, too long, especially when we have to fight our way through 2 hours of stop and go LA traffic.  Ugh!

The second trip is from Carmichael, CA to Tucson, AZ.  We need to return to Tucson after the baptism to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our daughter, Christina, and her family.  We will be there for two weeks.

In doing this research, I found another great trip planning site for campers and RVers.  It is called “Free Campsites” and its web address is: It has a trip planning routine that shows tons of potential camping locations which are not shown on most of the other websites that I have visited.  This was a great find for me since it originally looked like we were going to be having difficulty finding places to stay along these two routes.  Free Campsites includes lots of boondocking sites where one can get away from the maddening crowds found in RV parks.  Many of these sites are where one will be dry docking, which means that there is no power or water.  This will work with us, however, I must admit that we have been spoiled so far by staying mostly in state and regional parks.


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