Year 1 Day 59 Boondocking

This morning we bundled up LeuC and started driving down the road.  Our goal was the BLM land just north of Quartzite, AZ, near the AZ/CA border.  It was only 165 miles, so it was an easy 3 hour drive.  It included a stop at an Arco gas station where we filled up our fuel tank with diesel that cost only $2.65 a gallon.  We only needed 28 gallons, but we just had to fill up knowing that once we cross into California, the price will be much more.

The BLM land we are now camped on is known as dispersed camping land.  This means that one can camp anywhere on this area that is so designated.  We did have to check in with a camp host and fill out an information sheet, but there was no cost.

We are located about 5 miles north of the town of Quartzite, near the intersection of US 95 and Plomosa Rd.  There are a number of large pull out areas along Plomosa Rd, most of which are empty.  There are a few other RVs in the general area but they are far and few between.

Here Are A Few Shots Of Our Site And Area


This area is famous for a number of reasons but the one that we find the most interesting is that just a few miles east of us is a large Intaglio also known as a geoglyph or earth figure called the Bouse Fisherman.

Geoglyths are very large earth figures that were created generations ago by the indigenous people. The dark desert pavement stones were removed and the design dug deep into the light colored soil that is beneath.  This method is the same used in the Nazca Plain in Peru.  We visited the Nazca Plain back in 2009 while we were in the process of sailing around the world.  We rented a plane and flew over a number of the earth figures so we could view them well.

We will not have a chance to explore the Bouse Fisherman this time but hope to return on our way back to Tucson, either right before Thanksgiving or after the Christmas holidays.  Until then, I hope this aerial photo of the Blouse Fisherman will satisfy your curiosity. There are actually a number of these in this area.  A couple are across the Colorado River near Blythe, CA.

Here Is The Bouse Fisherman Enhanced For A Better View


Early tomorrow, we continue on our way to the Ortega Flats Campground within the Ronald W. Caspers Wildness area near San Juan Capistrano.  We will be there for 6 days seeing old friends, having our annual dental checkup and meeting with our financial advisor and CPA.  The drive should take about 6 hours.  We are hoping that the traffic around LA will not be too bad since it will be Saturday.

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