Year 2 Day 270 and 271 What A Relief

We must admit, yesterday we were riveted to the TV, watching the Senate’s Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Dr. Ford’s and Judge Kavanagh’s testimony. It was heartbreaking to watch and this morning we were so very depressed knowing that our political system is so broken. The thought of having such significant allegations of sexual abuse by a potential Supreme Court Justice not being investigated by an independent institution, such as the FBI, was horrific to us. We understand the politics involved in all of this, including the Republican’s desire to get this nomination done, and the Democrat’s desire to delay in hopes of capturing the Senate before Trump can put another conservative person on the Supreme Court.

Dr. Ford’s testimony rang true and honest to us. Kavanagh’s testimony was a bit shocking as he put forth a conspiracy theory that sounded a bit extreme and then he was belligerent in a manner to avoid answering questions. Plus, he sounded angry and very partisan, which Justices are supposed to be. Now, to be fair, he did make some points in support of his position but he left too many questions unanswered such that he did not come off very credible to us.

We hope that whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you also believe that the political goals of each respective party need to be put aside and the truth of this matter be uncovered. The ends do not justify the means. We are a country of laws and due process and each of these need to be followed before we rush to put a person on the Supreme Court with this baggage on his back. Whether Kavanagh is guilty or not, a Justice needs to be above question regarding his/her ethics and moral standing. We must demand and get to the truth behind these allegations for the future decisions of the Supreme Court to be respected and honored and its esteem position protected.

With this in mind, we left LeuC this morning in a depressed state of mind as we had heard that Senator Jeff Flake had issued a statement that he was going to vote to move Kavanagh’s nomination to the floor of the Senate. He was the key vote on this matter. Sigh. We then spent the rest of the day trying to find a way we could restore our faith in our political system by getting out and about. We decided on touring the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

It was not until we returned to LeuC that we discovered that Senator Flake, on his way to vote, had been approached by a couple of women, two who had had been molested, pleading with him to have the allegations investigated by the FBI. They, apparently, had an impact on him and he worked a deal within the Senate’s Judiciary Committee to move the nomination forward but delay the final vote for a week while having the FBI investigate this further during the next week. Yea! Our faith has been restored. Politics have taken a back seat to due process and an independent investigation would happen. Non-partisan, factual information will be forth coming. The facts and information that this investigation will uncover should bear weight, one way or another, on whether this nomination passes or not.
By the way, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Buffalo Bill Center. It is the home of 5 museums: the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Draper Natural History Museum, the Whitney Western Art Museum, the Plains Indian Museum and the Cody Firearms Museum. They are too massive and interesting to take in during just one day. Thus, we only visited three of them (Buffalo Bill Museum, Draper Natural History Museum and the Plains Indian Museum). They were wonderful and we encourage you to visit them if you even come to the Yellowstone area. While there, we also sat in on a raptor demonstration where we met and learned about a Peregrine Falcon and a Turkey Vulture.

We finally had an early diner at a Chinese restaurant and while we did, we were surprised to see a small-town parade march by our window seats. It was the local high school’s homecoming and its marching band, cheerleaders, flag team, the school’s Homecoming King and Queen were followed by the football team and simple floats made by the school’s Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman classes. The main street had been closed off by the police and people had lined the street to enjoy the parade. What a hoot!

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