Year 2 Day 269 Yellowstone National Park

In anticipation of a long day, we left LeuC and headed up toward Yellowstone National Park this morning at 9 AM. Our anticipation was spot on as we did not return to LeuC until 5 PM, making our day of driving and touring 8 hours. We were exhausted! Nevertheless, it was worth it because the day was chocked full of unique sights that makes Yellowstone so special.

One of the things we discovered is that Yellowstone is huge. You can not take it all in during just one day. It is over 3400 square miles in area and completely covers the northwest corner of the state of Wyoming.

I had studied various recommendations regarding what to see and decided that our best choice was taking what is called the lower loop. There are two loops, a lower and upper loop, that wind through the park, taking you to a wide variety of sights to see and things to do. The lower loop includes a number of geysers, mud pots, steaming vents, scenic views of both the Yellowstone River and the Gibbon river (both famous for the trout fishing they offer), wide open grassy meadows with buffaloes grazing, and the huge Yellowstone Lake that dominates the basin within the huge caldera of this volcanic area.

Instead of writing about what we saw, I will let the photos do the talking.


We arrived at Old Faithful too late to watch that geyser erupt. Its eruption lasted for over three minutes so that meant the next eruption would not be for another 90 minutes. Since it was so late in the afternoon, we opted not to wait for it. If you have never seen it, I have embedded a video of it that I have taken from YouTube. Just Click Here

We ended up driving over 250 miles today taking  8 hours with stops but it was worth it. The park is very special with all of the neat things to see and do.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest and then we will drive down the mountain to Cody and spend the day taking in the great western museums that town has to offer.

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