Year 2 Days 208 and 209 The Travelers`

Yesterday we were visited by our daughter’s husband’s parents, Peggy and Jim, along with their youngest son, Mark. We had last seen them in March, when we were exploring Mississippi. At that time, they were returning from a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, following a route that crossed the southern part of the US. They live in Tucson, Arizona. This time, they are returning from a wedding in Ohio (I mistakenly wrote yesterday the wedding was in Michigan) and are taking a route that cuts across the northern part of the US. On this trip alone, they will be driving over 7,000 miles! Between these two trips, they will have logged more miles than we have since we bought LeuC last September. We have only about 12,000 miles on LeuC so far.

They stopped by for lunch today, as they made their way from central Michigan to the Upper Peninsula. Mary Margaret had whipped up a great lunch of chicken pot pie, salad and a fresh mixed fruit medley. Ooooh, so good! It was paired with Vernors.

It you are not from Midwest, then you probably have never heard of Vernors. It is a regional ginger ale that was first produced back in the 1860’s. What made it unique was that it was aged in oak barrels for four years before being bottled. This gave it a smooth but full-bodied ginger taste. When we were kids, it was still produced by the Vernors family in the aging barrels but they have since sold their ownership. It is now owned by Dr. Pepper/Snapple. There is now a debate as to whether the beverage is aged in barrels and, if it still is, for how many years. The taste has changed a bit since the sale but it is still delicious. Having lived in Michigan, Peggy and Jim both love Vernors, as do I and Mary Margaret. It is a treat to find it so readily stocked in supermarkets here.

Over lunch and Vernors, the five of us caught up in what has been happening since we last saw each other in March. It was great to see them again, even if it was for just a few hours. We plan on spending much more time together this coming December, when Mary Margaret and I will be back in Tucson for the Christmas holidays.

Today, we chose to have a day of rest. We just hunkered down and spent the day and well into the evening watching the HBO series “Network” through Amazon Prime.

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