Year 2 Days 205 to 207 So Long Higgins Lake


The weather these few last days have been less than stellar with periods of rain, sun playing hide and seek and cool temperatures.  Weather is weather and unless we are house bound, it typically does not bother us too much.  However, the weather has had a negative impact on something that I was really looking forward to doing: swimming.  The cool weather with little sun has failed to keep the surface waters of Higgins Lake warm.  After recently spending 10 years in the tropics, I have become spoiled when it comes to swimming.  I love warm, soothing waters and right now, Higgins Lake was not that.  With nighttime temperatures dipping down to the low 60s, my guess is that the lake temperature is around 72 degrees.  Mary Margaret and I did walk out a-ways into the lake but the thought of diving in and swimming was quite out of the question.  It would be an opportunity lost.


Today, it was time to say goodbye to Higgins Lake, the sight of such fond youthful memories.  It was time to head on down the road and continue our exploration of Michigan.  Our next destination is Interlochen State Park, just south of Travers city.  If you are not familiar with the Michigan geography, Travers City is located on Grand Traverse Bay.  If you hold your left hand in front of you, Traverse City would be located where your little finger and the ring finger meet.  Taking this a bit further, Higgins Lake would be where your middle finger knuckle is located.


Along the way we passed many little stands with signs stating “Washed, Fresh Cherries.”  Michigan is famous for its blueberries, apples and bing cherries and we are certainly in the heart of the cherry season.  Oooo, they are so good and sweet!


We arrived at our campground and nestled into our corner site.  Once set up, we then hopped into our cute little Fiat and drove into Traverse City to go shopping at Costco.  We wanted to get one of their delicious chicken pot pies because Christina’s husband’s parents will be stopping by tomorrow for lunch tomorrow.  Peggy and Jim, along with their youngest son, Mark, have driven from their home in Tucson, Arizona to Michigan to attend a wedding.  They begin their return home tomorrow and will be stopping here to visit us as they drive by.  We love spending time with Peggy and Jim and are so looking forward to their visit, even if it is just for a couple of hours.20180727_103231


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