Year 2 Day 148 A Memorable Day

These last many years Mary Margaret and I have not had many opportunities to spend Memorial Day with family. Since we moved onto our sailboat, over 10 years ago, we mostly have been on our boat or, in 2015 when we toured the west coast of the North America while back in the US for our son’s wedding, we were up in Vancouver, BC, Canada on this day. Now, that we have sold Leu Cat and are touring the US in LeuC, this is our first time in so many years being able to celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ with family. Whoo Hoo!

Mary Margaret’s sister, Lonie, and her husband, Rich, invited us to spend today with them and their kids who live in the Washington DC area. Lonie and Rich belong to Kenwood Country Club and they reserved a table for all of us to enjoy the Memorial Day BBQ that Kenwood was putting on.

It was such a treat for us to spend this time with them. There were six of us adults (Lonie, Rich, Katherine, Sarah, Mary Margaret and I) and one little one, Sarah’s 3-year-old daughter, Finn. Finn really got into the spirit of things as she by passed the fried chicken and corn on the cobb and dove immediately into the two very large pieces of watermelon. Now that is a kid after my own heart! I, too, love watermelon and seldom can get enough of it. In the end, Finn’s mom, Sarah, was able to sneak a bite or two of chicken down her throat but it was a struggle. Hmmmm…. Watermelon or chicken, watermelon or chicken? It was not hard to figure out which one was devoured.20180528_151314_DSC9382_20180528_141533 - Copy.JPG

Time just seemed to fly by as Mary Margaret and we soaked up the love and good times of being with family. Before we knew it, it was well after 5 o’clock and the entire afternoon had  flown by.

Tomorrow, we will be driving back into Washington DC to go to Katherine’s eldest son, Branden’s, high school. They are having an art show in which Branden has some art on display. Afterward, we will be taking everyone out for dinner. Another fun time with family!

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