Year 2 Day 147 Fun Times With Family


Today, Mary Margaret and I drove 45 minutes into Washington DC to spend the evening with Sarah and have a family get together. Once we arrived, we were soon joined by Katherine and her two boys, Branden and Jamie. Branden will be graduating from high school next week and has just returned from working on a goat farm for the last two weeks. He brought with him a couple of containers of goat cheese that he made and a large jar of sauerkraut that he made. The sauerkraut was pickled using the whey from the cheesemaking. The cheeses and the sauerkraut were delicious!

Branden’s goodies melded well with the spread that Sarah had laid out which included two types of salami, a mix of green and Greek olives, cheese spread, humus, crackers and chips, all complimented with your drink of choice. Katherine brought home-made gazpacho that was to die for and Lonie brought a large wedge of cheese, whose name I have forgotten. It was all very, very good!

It was so good to see everyone again. I had a chance to talk with Branden and Jamie and was excited to do so. 20180527_191356Jamie will be going out to Palo Alto, California in a couple of weeks to tour Stanford University, one of the schools he is looking into attending. He is just finishing up his Junior year in high school and is well into the evaluation process, searching out where he wants to go to continue his education. He will be joined with the rest of his family as they will all be driving from the San Francisco Bay area up to Sun Valley, Idaho for a vacation. While in the San Francisco Bay area, they will have breakfast with our daughter Heather and our son, David Paul, and their respective families. Whoo Hoo!

Tomorrow, we have been invited by Lonie and Rich to a Memorial Day BBQ at their country club, Kenwood. We will with joined by Katherine, Sarah and Finn. More quality time with family!

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