Year 2 Day 10 Return To Mesa

On our journey back to Karstner Caverns State Park, about an hour and a half east of Tucson, Arizona, we have stopped at Mesa, just outside of Phoenix. The place where we bought LeuC just 4 short months ago, La Mesa RV, is located here. We want to have LeuC inspected for her ceiling lights as they continue to fail. We are now have 30 LED ceiling lights that have failed and have only 20 or so that still work.

Our drive from the beautiful Burro Creek BLM campground to Mesa was easy-peasy. The only challenge we faced was that we mostly did it without the assistance of Google Maps. This was because Burro Creek BLM campground is located down in the gorge and did not have cell phone or Internet access. Thus, before we left, I could not plot our rather strange, out of the way route that would take us around Phoenix instead of straight through it. We have decided that we will no longer drive through Phoenix because we have discovered that the Phoenician drivers are the worst drivers we have ever experienced in our travels around the world.

Today’s travels underscored how much we have become reliant on either Google Maps or Waze to guide us in our journeys. These are such useful apps to have on one’s cell phone. You just put in your destination and they plot the shortest or fastest route, allowing you to filter the type of route you want. Since we did not have Internet when we started out, I could not input our destination and adjust our route to avoid Phoenix. Thus, I used what we all used to rely on before the advent of the Internet to guide us to our destination. As it turns out, there are still things called “road maps” which are these really neat paper tools that one can use to plot one’s travels. Go figure! I had thought they had died and had gone the way of dinosaurs. We have the “Motor Carrier’s 2018 Road Atlas” for just such situations and we had turned to the Arizona map to be our guide.

It was kind of a bizarre feeling discussing our route as we drove down the road, looking for the various exits we needed to take to avoid the horrible traffic of Phoenix. In summary, we took Route 93-S to Route 60-S, to the 303-N beltway, to the I-17-S freeway to the 101-S beltway to Route 60-E, which is in Mesa. Fortunately, we were able to input the La Mesa RV service center into our Google Maps app on our cell phone as we got near Route 60-E so it could tell us what side streets to take to arrive. Yea!

We are now sitting at the service center, plugged into to shore power and will sleep here tonight, awaiting our 8:30 AM appointment tomorrow. Jerad, our service advisor, helped us back into our space and plug in. Whoo Hoo!

One thought on “Year 2 Day 10 Return To Mesa”

  1. I still like maps – better than the electronic versions for large-view planning I think – and for areas where the phone maps don’t work. Katie used a road atlas on her trip last summer as well as her phone. Been busy here, but I hope to catch up on your blogs today.


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