Year 2 Day 9 Burro Creek BLM Campground

Last night and early this morning we had many bouts of rain but, by the time we were ready to continue down the road, the rain had stopped. Our goal for today was to drive just 132 miles and reach the Burro Creek BLM campground.

As we headed out and were driving through the back streets of Needles to get to the freeway, a scruffy old man starting running across the street, waving at us to stop. This we did and I leaned out the driver’s side window to discover what he wanted. We were so glad we stopped because he told us that we should turn down the next street instead of going straight. The bridge that crossed a side stream which Google Maps was directing us toward had washed out last night. Wow! That must have been a very heavy rain!

Once we were on the I-40 freeway heading east, the road surface started drying out and even though the skies were dark and ugly, we had no rain while driving. Once we drove through Kingman, Arizona, we were hit with very strong cross winds. They were so strong that we were forced to slow down to 55 MPH to be able to keep LeuC on the road. My guess is the winds were howling between 30 and 35 MPH.

With a half hour stop to fuel up, it took us about 3 hours to reach our campground. I was glad to get there and get out of the winds that were blowing over the roads. Burro Creek Campground is located down in a gorge that for millions of years has been carved by Burro Creek. It sits on a flat bluff that is about 20 feet above the creek.

Here is road that leads down into the gorge.

As we drove down into the gorge, we were reminded that we were now in the Sonoran Desert. Saguaro cactuses dotted the side of the gorge. This cactus is only found in this desert.When we reached the campground, we were greeted by Randy, the campground host. He told us because we had the National Parks’ Senior Pass, our nightly fee was only $7.00. He suggested that we take site 10 because it was a more or less level pull-through site that was long enough for both our RV and car.

With that in mind, we continued on, found our site and pulled in. In no time we had leveled and unbundled LeuC and were ready to explore the gorge and Burro Creek. Instead of writing about it, I am including a number of photos that capture the unique beauty we discovered.

Shot of the beautiful Burro Creek Bridge


Shots of the Burro Creek

 A view of the creek, the campground and the bridge

A Bull that I came across

We were fortunate we explored when we did because right before dinner the skies opened up and poured and poured and poured some more. For over 3 hours we had very heavy rains. As abruptly as the rain started, that is also how the rain stopped. One minute the skies poured, then the next minute they stopped. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm. We shall see…

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