Year 1 Days 107, 108 and 109 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  No matter your religious beliefs, this is the time of year that we all gather with family and express our love to each other and thanks for being able to be with friends and family.

Our case is no different than most others, as we returned to our campground in Del Valle Recreational Area near Livermore, California to be near two of our kids and their families.  In fact, shortly after we arrived at our campsite and had settled LeuC in for her two week stay, we were joined by our daughter, Heather, and her 1 year old foster child, Victoria.  They will be spending the holidays with us since Heather is taking holiday and vacation time off from work to be with us.  Whoo Hoo!

The next day, we all piled into Heather’s car, armed with lots of presents, and drove over to David Paul’s and Allison’s house, in San Ramon.  We are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them at their house.  It is all about family!

For Christmas Eve dinner David Paul made a wonderful turkey dinner with gravy and all the trimmings.  Mary Margaret added her famous cranberries to the feast.  Paired with delicious wines and lots of laughter and smiles, it was a very special time.

Once the dishes were removed and put into the dishwasher, a surprised visit from Santa Claus occurred.  Well, it really was Grandpa Leu dressed up in a Santa’s outfit for the benefit of Victoria and Molly.  Heather had twisted my arm to act the roll.Santa Claus

Next, the huge pile of presents under the tree were exchanged with David Paul hosting the passing out of the presents.  Molly, being only three plus months old, was taking it all in with big eyes, but it was Victoria who really got into the swing of things by helping to open the presents and playing with the big bows and ribbons.  What a hoot!


The next morning was Christmas and all of the stockings that had been hung by the chimney with care were now stuffed with goodies.  While Santa was accused as doing the stuffing, I suspected that it was Allison following the tradition she grew up with as a child.  How sweet!

In the afternoon, we all trooped over to Allison’s sister’s house to partake in a huge Christmas dinner with their extended family.  With Allison and Heather’s parents, Heather’s husband, Joe and his parents and his brothers and their spouses and girlfriends, along with lots of children and even a great grandmother (on Joe’s side of the family) who only spoke Spanish, it was a true family Christmas.  The warmth and love was just oozing!20171225_163302

Everyone brought a dish to serve and Joe and Phil (Allison’s dad) grilled beef roasts on the BBQ grill.  Joe is in the wine and spirits distribution business so we were blessed with all kinds of great wines and spirits and festive cocktails trimmed with cranberries, thyme, grapefruit and limes!

The Ladies All Dressed Up With Festive Skirts To Celebrate The Occasion20171225_152807

Once stuffed with food, drinks and love, we all said our goodbyes and returned to our respective homes and beds, looking forward to a long winter’s night.

David Paul and Molly, Heather and Victoria20171225_191830

We hope that you all also had a warm and loving Christmas and wish you the very best for the season!



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