Year 1 Day 106 Old Friend

Today an old co-worker and friend, Mohinder, came over to Carolyn and Joyce’s house to pick me up for lunch. I had last seen Mohinder about 15 years ago, well before Mary Margaret and I started our sailing adventure. Thus, while the girls continued their quest to finish their Christmas baking, I and Mohinder took off for lunch.

Mohinder is a wonderful example of the benefits of immigrants coming to the US as he immigrated from India shortly have he graduated from university. After arrived, he decided to get his Masters Degree in Engineering from University of California at Berkeley. He eventually ended up working for the State of California and when I joined the State, he was in charge of a regional office’s hazardous waste facility permitting program.

He and I almost immediately became good friends because we both had strong “can do” attitudes and worked cooperatively in addressing many issues through the years of state service. Mohinder retired about 5 years ago and since has been enjoying world travel with his wife, Surinder.

Together, they raised two children who have since grown and have become medical doctors who also live in Sacramento. Mohinder and Surinder are expecting their first grandchild next year.

It was so great to have lunch with Mohinder and catching up after all of these years. He and Surinder now live in West Sacramento on a lake next to the ship channel that runs through the delta on 5 acres of property. He has invited Mary Margaret and I to come and stay with them as they have plenty of room on their property for our bus. It was a very kind and generous offer and maybe, someday, we will do that.

Tomorrow we return to our campground near Livermore, California at the Del Valle Recreational Area. Our daughter, Heather and her foster child, Victoria, will be coming to stay with us over the holidays.

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