Year 1 Day 92 A Day Of Rest?

My definition of a day for rest is different than Mary Margaret’s day of rest. As a typical man, I can stare down a pile of laundry, shrug and walk away. While I know it should be done, it is just not a priority to me until my last piece of underwear is in the pile. At that time, things are a bit desperate and it is time for action. After all, we are both a bit tired after these first 90 days of living in a RV and putting on over 7000 miles on LeuC during this period and today was the start of a nice, well-earn time of rest and recovery.

Well, Mary Margaret is built differently than me. Even though she is a bit under the weather, being worn down and in need of a good rest, the thought of the pile of laundry growing with each day was just too mentally weighing on her. Thus, instead of resting, practicing with me our slug imitation, she dug into the large pile of dirty clothes and ended up doing 4 loads of wash. At the end of the day, she still had one more load to do but was stopped by the fact that all of the washing she did had filled our grey water tank to its top. By the time that occurred, it was getting dark so it was too late in the day for me to go outside, hookup our sump hose to the sewer, and empty both our black and grey water tanks.

Also, it was time to start up the fire in our fire pit, pull up a rocking outdoor chair, light up some Cuban leaf and pour a finger or two of Islay Scotch. Yep, our priories sure are different! LOL!

Now some of you may think that I could have pitched in and relieved Mary Margaret in her efforts of doing the laundry. In fact, I have offered to do this many times through our 47+ years of marriage. However, she lacks faith in my abilities to wash our clothes without doing damage to them. This very negative attitude is, in fact, well-earned given the number of sweaters I have ruined by washing and then drying them improperly. I think she still cringes every time I pass by the washer/drier on my way to our bathroom.

With the grey water tank now full, preventing Mary Margaret to continue her quest, she was finally ready to stop doing the laundry and reluctantly stretched out on our very comfy sofa and relaxed. Yea!

Here are a few photos of our campsite that I took today:


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