Year 1 Day 91 Getting Settled In

This morning we bundled LeuC (by this I mean we pull in her four side extensions, and secured everything inside that can move or fall) and then drove south to our campground at the Del Valle Recreational Park near Livermore, CA. Along the way, we stopped at a car rental and picked up a rental car that we will be using for the next two weeks as our little Fiat gets repaired.

The drive from Livermore to the campground was gorgeous as we made our way through rounded golden hills dotted with horse farms and California Live Oak trees. I will need to take the rental car back over this drive and stop along the way to take pictures so you can see how remarkably beautiful the scenery is.

While our campsite is very, very spacious, that part of it where we park LeuC is very narrow with large rocks marking the parking place. It was tough to back such a big rig, such as LeuC, into it but, with Mary Margaret outside and directing me, we finally wedged ourselves in. Ahhhh, we are finally here!

The next few days we will be nestling in, like a mother hen who swishes her rump back and forth, making her nest nice and comfy cozy. This will be the first time since we moved into LeuC where we will have time to rest and relax. We will be here for a month, with break for a few days up in Sacramento. One can only reserve a camp spot here for two weeks at a time and must leave the campground before coming back for another two week stay. Thus, the need for a brief trip up to Sacramento, to visit friends.

While we are surrounded by nature’s beauty and have lots of space around us, we did discover one negative side to this park. It is tucked into a valley and therefore, does not have cell service. Ugh. Along with not having cell phones that work, we also can not directly get Internet. Fortunately, the park does offer a free Internet WIFI connection but its bandwidth is shared between all of the campers. It is not too bad right now but I am concerned that over weekends, when the park gets most of its visitors, the service is going to be spotty. We will just have to wait and see.

We had to fire up our old Skype account to call and talk with our son, David Paul, who lives in San Ramon, to the north of us. He and his family will be coming over to visit us this Saturday. They are anxious to see us and to see what we are now living in. We, too, are anxious to see them as their new daughter, Molly, is growing in leaps and bounds. She is now about 3 months old. From the recent pictures they have posted, it looks like she is developing a real sweet and happy personality. We are not surprised given how sweet and happy her mom, Allison, is.
On Sunday, we will be driving into San Francisco to spend the day with our daughter, Heather and her foster child, Victoria. Victoria will be celebrating her 1st birthday in about 10 days and we are also looking forward to her first birthday party. Heather has had her since she was a week old and Victoria is such a happy and smiley baby. She is starting to talk now and recently said “mommy” to Heather’s delight.

We are so lucky to have three wonderful kids and their respective families!

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