Year 1 Day 68 Molly’s Special Day

This morning, after doing a couple of loads of laundry (what an exciting life Mary Margaret leads…) we hopped into our little Fiat and drove the 90 miles over to San Ramon, just east of San Francisco. Today was our granddaughter, Molly’s, special day. She is approaching two months old and our son, David Paul and his wife, Allison, had invited us to attend Molly’s Baptism.

When we arrived at their house we were greeted by warm welcomes from David Paul and Allison, along with Allison’s parents, Pat and Phil. Pat and Phil had flown into town on Monday for the special occasion. We had visited them just a couple of weeks ago in their beautiful home near Phoenix, Arizona.

Soon Allison’s older sister, Heather, her husband, Joe, and their two daughters came over and we all caravanned to the church. As we arrived, our eldest daughter, Heather, and her foster child, Victoria arrived. They live in San Francisco and made the drive across the bay to attend. After hugs and kisses we all entered the church and were soon joined by Joe’s extended family.

Lots of photographs were taken with Molly being the object of loving attention and everyone was having a wonderful time being all together for the occasion.

Soon the ceremony took place and Molly took the water dripped on her head with aplomb. Not a whimper or a cry. Mommy and daddy were very proud, as was the rest of the Nichols, Leu and Nudo tribes.

After the ceremony we all retired to David Paul and Allison’s home where a feast was brought in and drinks flowed. More pictures and good times. It was wonderful.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. First Pat and Phil said their goodbyes and Uber whisked them over to the Oakland airport so they could return home. Soon the rest of us followed course and Molly’s long but special day came to an end.

We returned to LeuC in Carmichael exhausted but happy and just plopped into bed, barely getting the covers over us before the zzzzzzz started. Tomorrow we will rest up for our 1000-mile trip to Tucson, where we will be spending two weeks for the Thanksgiving Holidays with our other daughter, Christina, and her family. The moss just doesn’t gather on the Leu’s….

2 thoughts on “Year 1 Day 68 Molly’s Special Day”

  1. Thank you so much for making the trip out to celebrate Molly’s Baptism! It is so special to have so much family around. Thank you also for all the champagne used to celebrate and cheers the special girl! Xoxo


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