Year 1 Day 67 We’re So Lucky

Life is so unpredictable and fragile. As we got older and made the discovery that all young people make as they grow older, specifically: that we are not immortal, we modified our priorities to stress the importance of enjoying what we have, when we have it. This includes appreciating the friends we have and making them a priority in our lives. This is one of the driving reasons we decided to buy a RV and travel around North America. We not only wish to explore places and lands we have not seen or have not seen for years and years but to also have the means to visit with our friends who live all around the US and Canada. By bringing our house with us, we can go to where our friends live and spend time visiting them and not be a burden. We can then move on and drive to on to see other friends. Along the way, we explore and enjoy the beautifies and mysteries that make this great continent. Our rather radical lifestyle makes this possible. We are so lucky.

Today, we finished our passage up to the Sacramento area and arrived in Carmichael, California. We are parking LeuC at our dear friends’ (Carolyn and Joyce), house. We will be staying here a few days, enjoying their company and Carolyn’s very special New York styled cheesecake. We have the added benefit of being able to drive over to San Ramon, in the San Francisco Bay area, tomorrow to attend our granddaughter’s Baptism. Our son, David Paul, and his wife, Allison, asked if we could come up during our visit to Southern California to attend. We jumped at the chance to attend and have spent the last two days driving the 450 miles to Northern California so that we could.

Each time we come and visit with Carolyn and Joyce, they give us such warmth and love that we just glow, knowing how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends. Carolyn, Joyce and Mary Margaret are all RNs and Carolyn and Mary Margaret worked together back in the mid-1980s when we lived in the Sacramento area. Carolyn and Joyce are sisters and are two of the kindest and most generous people we know. We are so lucky to be able to have them as dear friends.


To celebrate our getting together, we went out for dinner to the Outback Steakhouse which is Carolyn and Joyce’s favorite restaurant. After a delicious dinner of ribs, steaks, and shrimp paired with deep bowls of French onion soup, we returned to their house to dive into the rich, creamy cheesecake that was waiting for us there. Ooooh, man-o-man, life can be soooo sweet!

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