Year 1 Day 64  A Wet And Loving Day

We got up early this morning, donned our swim suits, grabbed our towels and hopped into our little Fiat.  We drove over to our old neighborhood, which is called Nigel Shores.  It is a wonderful community with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island in the distance.  It has a large community center with a beautiful pool and spa.  We met our good friends, Ann and Steve, who still live here and joined them with the Dippy Dolphins.  This is a 3 times a week aquatic aerobics class that has been going on for years and years.  When we lived in Nigel Shores back during 2000 through 2007, Mary Margaret was an active member and loved it.

We were greeted by a number of people and friends who have been Dippy Dolphins for years.  One of them, Bunny, had introduced us to her family back in 2010.  They live in New Zealand and we arrived after sailing across the South Pacific, we so enjoyed meeting and getting to know them.

Today I discovered that while the aquatic aerobics class is about great exercise, it is also a great social function with all of the Dippy Dolphins being friends and keeping an eye out on the wellbeing of each member.  There were about 25 people there today and Steve shared with me that sometimes it grows to 40 people.  The instructor, Cindy, has been there since before we left to go sailing and Mary Margaret was thrilled to see and talk with her again.  It was like old times.  What a wonderful time we had and what warm and nice people!

Afterwards, we said our sad goodbyes and drove down the shore a few miles to Doheny where my cousin, Robbie, lives.  We thought we would just stop by to see if he was home.  He was but was in the process of stepping out of the house, having a meeting he had to attend.  I promised that I would try to swing by again tomorrow afternoon in hope of getting together.  He said that he would be there so I am keeping my fingers crossed that our schedule works out.

We returned to LeuC and shortly thereafter, our friends Debbie and Steve arrived.  Their daughter, Stephanie, and our daughter, Christina, were cheerleaders together and are still best buds.  We cracked open a bottle of Champaign and celebrated our getting together again and then gave a tour of LeuC.  Afterwards, we drove over to San Juan Capistrano, to return to Café Mozart, which our other friends, Ann and Steve, had introduced us to last night.  The food, wine and ambiance were so remarkable we wanted to share it with Debbie and Steve.  Each time we share a meal with Ann and Steve, they introduce to us a restaurant that is to die for and Café Mozart being no exception.

Tonight, we enjoyed glazed duck, swimming in brandied cherries or the wiener schnitzel with spätzle and red cabbage, each paired with great wines. Of course, the conversations we shared as we caught up on everything that had gone on in our respective lives and families over the last year were great and made the evening fly by. It was so special!

For a second time in two nights, we closed the restaurant.  We then said our sad goodbyes, sharing promises of getting together in either New Orleans or Savanah next spring.  We have our fingers crossed this will work out.

By the time we returned to our campground, it was 2150, just 10 minutes before the entrance would be closed for the night.  To our shock, the gates at the entrance were closed and Mary Margaret spied the chains and locks which were wrapped around the gates.  Fortunately, when she got out to inspect them, she discovered that the locks were not locked, and she was able to remove them and the chains, and then opened the gates.  Whew!  Once I had driven through and Mary Margaret reclosed the gates, we continued on to our campsite and LeuC.  Yea!  What a remarkable ending to a remarkable day.




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