Year 1 Day 55 Family

After spending the morning driving around to resolve some Microsoft questions, we drove over to Scottsdale to see my cousin, Ken, his wonderful wife, Karen, and their friends, Pam and Laury.  Ken and Karen live along the Pacific coast of Washington, just north of the mouth of the Columbia River and are in Scottsdale visiting their great friends.  Laury and Ken have been best buds since middle school.  The four of them and other friends who will be arriving later this week have known each other for years and they get together around this time each year to play in a golf tournament they created called, “Old, Older and Oldest”. The age of the group is now between near 70 to 80 years old.  They all have birthdays in November, so they get together this time of the year to celebrate birthdays and play golf.  Sounds like a real hoot!

Pam and Laury have two houses: this one in Scottsdale and another one up in eastern Washington.  Their house here in Scottsdale is beautiful with a large pool in the backyard that is well landscaped.

Laury had spent 3 hours slow grilling three racks of BBQ ribs.  We lounged in the backyard, sipping wine and catching up, while smelling the smoky whiffs of the ribs were killer!

Pam and Karen had teamed up to make a number of remarkable side dishes and appetizers that made dinner a feast fit for kings and queens.  It was hard to stop eating such wonderful food.

We spent the late afternoon and then well into the evening swapping stories.  When you get three couples of our age together, there are a plethora of stories we each can tell.  It was a great!

It was hard to pull ourselves away from such gregarious and fun people but as the moon past over us, Mary Margaret and I knew it was time to go, especially with an hour drive starring at us.

We thoroughly enjoyed are visit and are thankful that Ken and Karen were down here visiting with their dear friends, so we could see them and meet their great friends.

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