Year 1 Day 54 Visiting our In Laws

Today we drove across the Phoenix valley over to the town of Surprise.  Allison’s (our daughter in law) parents,Pat and Phil, live there.  Ever since Allison and David Paul were engaged, Pat and Phil had invited us a number of times to come and visit them.  Up until now, there never was the opportunity for us to accept their kind invitation since we had been living on our sailboat and spending most of our time overseas.20171029_145927

However, since we were now only about 50 miles away, we thought that it would be a great time to see if they were home and to accept their invitation.  They, of course, said yes to our query, even though their house is in the middle of a major construction project.

Pat and Phil live in a large, beautiful house that sits on a golf course with a wonderful view of a waterfall across the fairway which greets you as you step through their front door.  They have torn out walls, built a fireplace, and made a smaller living room into an expansive Great Room with views to die for.  They are in the finally stages of the current project, which is expanding the master bath.  Pat is contemplating redoing the second bathroom, but that may be saved for another day.

They generously insisted on taking us out for lunch at a local eatery that also sits on a golf course.  The food and time spent with Pat and Phil was very enjoyable.  We are looking forward to seeing them again.

Tomorrow, we will be driving over to Scottsdale where my cousin, Ken, and his wife, Karen, are staying with friends.  They have invited us over for dinner.  They live in Washington and the last time we saw them was in 2015 when we visited them at their house along the Pacific Ocean.  Who would have thought that our time near Phoenix would be spending great times with relatives!

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