Year 1 Day 36 Getting Ready To Move On

The View In Front Of Us At Our Beautiful St Vrain State Park Site


After spending 4 days and 5 nights here at St Vrain State Park, near Denver, Colorado we will be leaving tomorrow to start our return trip to California.  We left San Francisco last September 6th, striking out in our overloaded little Fiat, for Mesa, Arizona to pick up LeuC.  During these last 5 weeks, we have had the most wonderful adventure which has included: seeing family and friends, meeting a number of very nice people, learning to live in and drive a RV bus, seeing a vast panorama of beautiful lands and vistas, and staying at and exploring around very enjoyable places.  This trip far exceeded our expectations.  Wow! It was just our very first trip!  Based on this experience, we are looking forward to a number of new adventures as time marches on.

Today, we drove over to the college town of Boulder, home of the University of Colorado.  The closest Bank of America is located there and we needed to get a cashier’s check to send to South Dakota to pay for the registration of LeuC.  While we really did not explore Boulder, what we saw was very impressive.  The area we were in was well laid out with beautiful wide boulevards that were tree lined, well landscaped shopping plazas, with new and very attractive buildings, and residential area with very nice houses.  The only disappointment was the very aggressive drivers.  However, that is not unique to Boulder as we have found the drivers in Colorado in general, are the most reckless and aggressive drivers we have seen so far.  They have the Chinese mentality of always trying to be the first in line and will not hesitate to cut you off even if the rules of the road dictate that they yield as they merge into your lane or are turning into your lane.

The snow we had yesterday is all gone as the afternoon temperatures rose into the high 50s.  The skies were blue and sunny.  In short, it was a beautiful day and should remain so for the next week.

Our destination for tomorrow is to return to Trinidad Lake State Park, just north of the New Mexico border.  It is just one of the two places during our trip to California that we are revisiting. It will be about a 4 hour drive.

Our Planned Route Back To California


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