Year 1 Day 35 The Big Dump

It is not even mid-October and we are sitting in our bus of a home surrounded by snow and cold weather.  Man, you gotta be tough to live in Colorado!  After living in the tropics for the last 10 years, this is a very big adjustment for us.  I must admit, I am a wuss when it comes to freezing weather!

Last night and through this morning we were dumped on with 5 inches of wet snow.  The temperatures hovered around freezing, make for a wet, heavy snow.  In fact, so many powerlines went down in the Denver area that 98,000 people were without electricity.

We actually were very lucky as we had continuous power and the snow amount at our state park was much less than where our friends, Shalene and David, live in Brighton, just to the north of Denver.  This picture shows Mary Margaret in front of their house this morning so you can see the amount of wet snow they had.

We were surprised that the snow suck to the ground so well since we were having warm sunny weather yesterday and were expecting that it would melt the snow as it fell.

Mary Margaret spent the morning with Shalene while I ran around and did some errands.  When I returned, the four of us drove over to the Famous Dave’s BBQ and had a long, leisurely and delicious meal of BBQ ribs and burgers.  Yumm!  As dinner time approached and a new wave of hungry customers came in, it was time for us to leave and say our sad farewells.  We really enjoyed our time with Shalene and David and hope to see them again in the not-too-distant future.

Tomorrow, Mary Margaret and I have to take our little Fiat over to Boulder to go to a Bank of America (BOA).  We bank with BOA and need to get a cashier’s check that we have to send to South Dakota to register LeuC and order her license plates.  While South Dakota’s tax on new vehicles is only 4% compared to other states where it can go as high as 8% or more (i.e., we had to pay 8.25% for our little Fiat in California).  Nevertheless, it still is a big bite and it smarts a little bit…ouch!

We are expecting the roads to be clear and dry by late morning and the snow to be gone by the end of the day as temperatures rebound into the mid-50s by the afternoon.  Yay!  With the snowfall over and the roads clear and dry, we will be starting our return trip to California on Wednesday.  Our destination on that day will be to return to Trinidad Lake State Park.  We will have more time to return to California than we did to get to Denver so we are looking for a more relaxing and leisurely trip, staying at our various stops for up to four days.



One thought on “Year 1 Day 35 The Big Dump”

  1. In England a “dump” is slang for going to the lavatory. So reading about “The Big Dump” caught my eye. Thank god it was snow!


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