Year 1 Day 26 A Day Of Rest

Today was a day of opposites.  I was very tired so I decided to be a couch potato and just take it easy today, watching football on the boob tube.  Mary Margaret, the “nester” of the two of us, decided she wanted to explore and armed with our camera, went for a walk.

As soon as she stepped out of the RV, she snapped this photo of a road runner inspecting our campsite.

She then headed down the road, with the best intentions.  However, her walk was for naught as she met a couple from El Paso, Texas who were camping just a few sites down from us. She stayed there, chatting away for well over an hour before returning home.  She had a great time and enjoyed her visit.

I did get outside for a bit and while doing so, I snapped these pictures.  The first is of our campsite.

The next is of the view of Elephant Butte Lake from our campsite.

This next photo is a closeup of the lake and shows that you can camp down by the water’s edge if you can get your vehicle down there.

Tomorrow we continue our journey to Denver.  Our next boondocking site will be up near Pilar, New Mexico.  It is another 270 miles to the north.  Pilar is just south of Taos, New Mexico and has an elevation of over 6000 feet.

Once there, we intend to check into the local BLM office to see if one of their two campsites that can handle a 40 foot RV, and if they have a site available for us.  We hope to be setting up next to the Rio Grande River, in the Rio Grande Gorge.

Because of the steep, narrow sides of this gorge, we are not expecting to have Internet reception.  Thus, this blog entry may be the last one for the next few days.  I will continue to write the blog and take pictures which I will post but it may not be until Tuesday.  At that time, we hope to be up at the Trinidad Lake State Park in Colorado.

I wish to add that we have recently received an email from a Leu Cat Adventures blog friend who somehow obtained a photo of the remains of Leu Cat in Sint Maarten.

As you can see, she has been bashed into little pieces with just a part of the bow showing.  We are still grieving over her demise even though we sold her a week before Hurricane Irma blew over Sint Maarten with over 200 MPH winds.  How tragic!

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