Year 1 Day 22 Getting Together

Today we were able to get together with Christina’s husband’s parents, Peggy and Jim, who we love very much. We are so lucky to have in-laws on our kids’ spouses side who we get along with so well. This applies to David Paul’s wife’s (Allison) parents (Pat and Phil) as well.

Peggy and Jim and their youngest son, Mark, came over today to see our new home and to share lunch. Jim made a special loaf of gluten free bread that was delicious. They live here in Tucson and have just returned home from a visit with their middle son, Nate and his wife, Katie. We were to happy that they were back in Tucson before we leave for Denver in two days.

We really enjoy being with them and chatted the afternoon away, catching up on everything. After lunch, we went into our host’s backyard to share with them the beautiful oasis setting that Richard has created. It was shady and cool and wonderful.

In a little bit, Richard returned home from doing some errands and joined us. We all had such a wonderful time.


After Peggy, Jim and Mark left to return home, Richard invited us to have a dinner of grilled cheeseburgers and bake beans with him. I eagerly accepted but poor Mary Margaret had to decline as she has been a bit under the weather these last couple of days. While she hopped in bed and tucked in, Richard and I tucking into a juicy burger, grilled to perfection. Oooooo, it was soooo good!

We followed dinner up with some Scotch and Cubans and talked well into the evening. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes as Richard will be gone the next couple of days and will not be here when we strike off to start our journey to Denver on Thursday morning.

Tomorrow, we will have dinner with Christina and her family and say our goodbyes to them. Our stay here in Tucson has been fun and very productive. LeuC is now well outfitted and ready and raring to start out seeking the adventures that lay before us.

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