Year 1 Day 21 It’s In the Genes

I am very fortunate and married well.  My lifemate, Mary Margaret, is as adventuresome as I am and maybe even a bit more.  While she is a “nester” and loves her home, she has discovered that she can get the best of all worlds by living on a mobile platform and taking her home with her as she explores exotic places and meets very interesting people.  This pairs well with the mentality that my parents, Don and Anne, instilled in their 5 kids.  While my parents have passed away, as have my oldest sibling, Doti, and my middle sibling, Dwight, my two other brothers also have the wanderlust built into their souls.

My older brother, Don, also married well as his wonderful wife, Debbie, enjoys exploring and meet new people too.  They have a 40-foot Grand Banks trawler called “Change of Latitude” up in the Pacific Northwest and they sail the waters of the San Juan Islands and the inland passage to Alaska.  Their boat is beautiful as they have shared it with us a few winters ago.  Don is in the process of retiring from his position as a Distinguished Chair at the University of Connecticut and they have just bought a gorgeous house up in Blaine, Washington.  They will be moving out there this coming spring.

My youngest brother, Del, has led a dual life oscillating between working full time and being a nomad full time.  During his nomad years, he just jumps into his pickup and takes off, exploring the North America while living out of his truck.  Amazing!

They both have very exciting blogs and I encourage you to check them out.  I have added a widget to the sidebar of our blog where you just need to “click” and be whisked away to their lives of adventure.  Enjoy!

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