Year 2 Days 307 to 310 Getting Ready For The Adoption

We arrived at Del Valle Recreational Area on Saturday and set LeuC up in our campsite here. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, just east of Livermore, California. It is tucked into the steep hills that dominant the east side of the bay. We do not have Internet since our campground is deep in a valley and no cell towers reach down into our depths.

We were here last year during the Christmas holidays and have returned this time for the month of November. It is one of the few campgrounds in California that can hold an RV that is as long as LeuC.20181106_145546

Being somewhat remote, it has lots of neat wildlife which call it home. In fact, we had a large flock of large, plump wild turkeys casually strolling by, feeding off of the green grass in the campground. Once they leisurely walked by, gobbling us a welcome, they were followed by a family of black-tailed deer. One of our neighbors came over and shared with us that last evening they even saw foxes and had a small skunk under their rig. I was not excited to hear about the skunk but what can you do?20181106_15081620181106_14560420181106_14483520181106_14483220181106_144806

Sunday, we drove into San Francisco to spend Sunday and Monday with Heather and her foster child, Victoria. She has had Victoria since Victoria was only 7 days old. After almost two years, the adoption process will be coming to an end this coming Friday. At that time, we will all be at the courthouse for the adoption to be formalized by the court and Victoria will officially be a Leu and Heather will be able to call Victoria her daughter and we will be able to called her our granddaughter. Whoo Hoo!

At that time, I will be able to share with you pictures of Victoria and you her see for yourself how cute she is. Up until then, it has not been possible for me to show you pictures of Victoria which show her face. The court frowns of facial pictures posted to social media of foster children.

Heather is planning on a party following the adoption with friends, family and even Victoria’s new Godmother flying in from Atlantic, Georgia. It will be a great celebration!

One thought on “Year 2 Days 307 to 310 Getting Ready For The Adoption”

  1. Looks like a lovely spot. I remember the lack of internet from your previous visit. That may be a benefit since the news is so derepressing. I feel the Dems took the House, but Trump still won the election. 😦


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