Year 2 Days 294 to 298 The Beginning Of The End Of This Adventure


During the two weeks that we have been in Blaine, our focus was on spending time with my brother, Don, and his wife, Debbie; going on a wonderful 3-day cruise on their beautiful boat, Change of Latitude; and house hunting.  We ended up finding a house that we loved and recently put in a bid to buy it.  As it turned out, the owner accepted our bid and we are in shock…our nomad lifestyle will be coming to an end!

As of our closing date of January 31, 2019, we will be the owners of a beautiful 3,334 sq. foot house that sits on the fairway of the 5th hole of the Semiahmoo Golf Course.   Whoo Hoo!  We have a great real estate agent, Kathy Stauffer, who worked very hard to help get this house for us and she is doing so much more.  It really helps when you have a great person who you can trust and works so hard to make both the buyer and seller feel really good about the transaction.


By buying a house this means that, as of today, we are starting the end of this RV adventure that we have been on for the last 14 months.  It also means that soon we will be starting another adventure, but this one will be land-based and will start with moving into our new house.

Our RV adventure will continue for a few months more as we will be driving down to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our Daughter, Heather, and our son, David Paul, and their respective families.  While there, we will be attending the adoption of our new granddaughter, Victoria.  Heather has been her foster mother since birth and soon the lengthy adoption process will be complete.  We will also be able to spend time with our other granddaughter, Molly, her mom, Allison, and her dad and our son, David Paul.

In early December we will travel on down to Southern California to visit with our old and dear friends before we turn east and drive to Tucson to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays with our other daughter, Christina, her husband, Michael, and our other grandchildren, Isaac, Stella and Wyatt.  How great is that!  It will be at that time we will be selling LeuC and putting an end to our RV adventure.

This RV adventure has been a nice transition from living 10 years on the sea and sailing around the world.  That lifestyle we loved so much and was so different from living a more traditional land-based life that we needed the RV adventure to help transition to living in one place.  House-based living is just so different than living on the sea.  We also need to figure out how to live a more traditional retirement lifestyle.  Most people transition from working full time directly to retirement.  For many, it can be a difficult transition as they need to find new things to do.

For us, the transition from working full time to retirement was very easy.  It was easy because we knew that there was so much to learn when we moved into our sailboat.  In fact, when living on a boat, you quickly learn how little you know and how much you need to learn, even if you had sailed for a long time, such as we did.  Each day was a learning experience and, because of that, we were never bored and never were in search of things to do.  There was an amazing smorgasbord of stuff to do: whether it was learning new sailing techniques, how to repair something on the boat, exploring new lands that we had sailed to, planning new sailing passages, meeting new people or simply falling off the boat and swimming over to the nearest reef to explore the underwater wonderland that was just waiting for us.  It was all good and so adventuresome.  Boredom just was not a word in our vocabulary.

However, as we ease back on our exploratory adventures and become more “traditional”, we will need to seek out new things to do and new things to learn.  We anticipate that the house and yard will initially keep us very busy since we really are starting from scratch.  When we moved onto our boat, we sold our house and gave away our things, including all of our furniture and furnishing.  Thus, our initial challenges will be determining what type of glassware and table settings we need, what type of pots and pans we want, what chairs, sofas, TVs, beds, rugs, wall hangings and all of the other things we need that make a house a home.  Right now, it is all a little intimidating.

As we will be doing the above, we also have to think of the yard and what gear we will need to maintain it.  We also have to meet the neighbors and learn about the neighborhood.  It is all a bit overwhelming right now.

We will also be joining the Semiahmoo Country Club, whose 5th fairway runs by our house.  Plus, they offer a health club, which Mary Margaret is very interested in.

Our neighborhood is on a forest covered hill that stands above the ocean and bay, which are just a few miles away.  There is a great path that runs down to the shore where we can walk along the beach and shoreline.  I love to take long walks and once we move in, I will be able to walk amongst the tall Spruce and fir trees on my way to the ocean.  So much fun!

Finally, Mary Margaret is looking forward to joining a local philanthropic organization while I have noticed that the city of Blaine is seeking volunteers to help determine the future of the town and help determine what it should grow into.  I am thinking of joining that endeavor and helping “paying it forward” for future generations so they would have a nice little town to make life a little bit more enjoyable.

6 thoughts on “Year 2 Days 294 to 298 The Beginning Of The End Of This Adventure”

  1. We too sold our boat here in Australia after our trip to SE Asia. We have bought a caravan and have been “no fixed address” until we can move into our house in Tasmania. It is a good transition from boating, but we sure keep dreaming and planning the changes and work for the house, and are looking forward to it. Looks like a lovely part of the country, and I note that it is not in California or Arizona, where your children and grandchildren live. We will in the same situation but no grandchildren yet. We also chose a cooler climate, and a property where we can go for long walks down to and along the river, and walk in the great outdoors all year long.


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